Currently thinking about you... [2024]Lightbox
Colonizers love maps, they map their own assholes, like we breathe the stars. Expanding on the histories of cartography, this directory of social and existential conditions circulates around you through choreographical gestures. The stars are beautiful, they begin to tell fictions about the beginning of time. What you see has its own logic that will infect you. This constellation sits in a fabulation, it’s wildly unpredictable about reality, but at its core is truthful in feeling. “We want to become a motion… a series of dots associated with time” -Elliot Cost on dots. A snapshot of a series – of the context of what takes place inside this building. This directory metabolises on references including astronomy and constellations. Lightbox design in collaboration with Sahjan Kooner for their exhibition dankEconogy1_ALIENVillage at Kunsthal Gent. Image kindly provided by Michel De Cleene.